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WCW | Joanna A. from Wandering Wellness

When it comes to having a girl crush, it doesn’t get much better than our lady pal Joanna Andreae, the woman behind Wandering Wellness. Not only does Joanna guide the most beautiful meditations ever, she is a wonderfully fierce friend who continually supports those around her with so much love. We couldn’t be more excited to feature Joanna as our Woman Crush Wednesday this week. She truly is the bee’s knees!

Q + A with Joanna from Wandering Wellness

Q | Joanna, tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. I am interested in living a life of joy and teaching others to do the same. Lately, this looks a lot like hanging out with my puppy, writing, teaching and coaching, practicing kundalini yoga, and cooking for my family and friends. I’ve always loved to investigate what makes people happy, and how to find balance in the middle of a busy life. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I was always surrounded by people! I’m one of six kids and have a huge extended family as well.

Q | What inspired you to start Wandering Wellness?

A. I realized I wasn’t living out my life’s mission. I know it sounds so cheesy but it’s the truest thing. I was here to do something specific -- and in fact we all are! When I was in the corporate world, though I met wonderful people and had exciting adventures, it wasn’t the path I was meant to follow. I started Wandering Wellness as a way to heal myself and others. Now, I know for certain I’m on that path.

Q | Where do you see wandering Wellness in 6 months, 1 year, maybe 3?

A. These questions are always hard for me so thank you for pushing me!

Ok, in 6 months I see Wandering Wellness continuing to inspire women to circle up and take a stand for self-discovery, balance, and unapologetically taking excellent care of themselves. I see this starting to grow beyond D.C. to some favorite cities like Los Angeles and New York, and I see my practice of one-on-one coaching expanding to reach more virtually as well. I also see it expanding to do more corporate work -- bringing health and healing to the workplace.

In a year I see myself teaching some sort of wellness retreat in addition to the work I do locally and nationally. I also see Wandering Wellness with a more digital component - the ability to reach people through meditations and other classes that are online.

In three years I’m putting the finishing touches on my book! :)

Q | What is the typical day for W. W.?

A. I like to wake up early, so typically I’m up at about 5:30 getting myself in order with meditation, a bit of reading, a quick walk with the puppy. Then I spend a couple of hours in the AM preparing for client sessions, meetings, and/or writing. Starting in the second half of the day I can be found meeting with clients at my home office in D.C., or teaching somewhere around the city. There is no such thing as a completely “typical” day, but I’m finding the model of inner work in the AM and outer serving/coaching/teaching in the PM is really working to cultivate balance and ensure I practice what I preach.

Q | You inspire us but who inspires you?

A. My biggest inspiration these days are the teachings and teachers of Kundalini yoga that I love. The words of Yogi Bhajan and my favorite teacher Guru Jagat my main go-tos. Poetry is also a huge source of inspiration in my life -- the words of Rumi, John O’Donohue, and Mary Oliver -- I find when I ground myself in these words and practices in the AM, I set myself up for a day of success. Lastly, I’m inspired by people who are really hungry to learn more and share more in the wellness world. Shiva Rose, Luke Storey, Erin Telford, to name a few!

Q | What are your healthy go to places in Washington DC?

A. I am obsessed with Chaia in Georgetown. I don’t get there enough but I think it’s just marvelous. Also, since I live in Capitol Hill I tend to stay local -- sweetgreen for lunch is always a favorite option and I really enjoy well-curated coffee shops like Maketto. As far as dinner, I believe you can find healthy options almost anywhere but lately I’ve been really loving this bar/restaurant near our house called Beuchert's. They have a lot of veggie options and wonderful ambiance!

Q | What is your self-care routine like?

A. It has to start with meditation. When I don’t meditate, I don’t feel good and I’m not as nice of a person. It’s honestly as simple as that! Right now the meditation is a mix of Kundalini practices and Vedic meditation. From there I layer on time in nature -- even a 10 minute walk around the block counts, and honestly saying “no” a lot more. I have a tendency to want to be everything for everyone - friends, family, even clients. So it’s been a great self-care lesson to learn to say no to the events and gatherings that - as wonderful as they are - aren’t in my best self-care interest in the moment. It’s been illuminating! And last thing -- reveling in a bit of laziness. This is so difficult for a recovering ambition addict but having a sleepy puppy helps.

Q | What is your guiltiest pleasure?

A. Bulletproof coffee! I literally wrote a blog on why coffee is like a bad boyfriend...and I tried to break up with it but we’re so on again off again. It’s a mess haha.

Thank you, Joanna!

If you'd like to learn more about Joanna and her offerings, you can visit her website

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