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HEART | Greenlink Friday

We’s been a while. This winter and into the spring season has been a tad busy with life. As we prepare to introduce a very special project we’ve been working on and brand new posts coming your way, we managed to compile our favorite reads from this week. So here is a little bit of link love for your reading pleasure!

Food and self worth, a very important read by our very important friend. (Wandering Wellness)

Numbers game. Why your weight shouldn’t matter. No theme, just great reads. (The Everygirl)

Where to travel according to your astro sign. Mine says Big Sur. (Well + Good)

Why chocolate may be good for the heart...we can get behind this! (NYT)

How to make navigating uncertainty fun. (Ringlet Market)

As it gets muggier, we’re reaching for our favorite summer moisturizer! (Credo)

Our current lady jam. (YouTube)

Feliz Weekend!


Photo via Aaron Haynesworth

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