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TABLE | Cleansing in the New Year, Common Misconceptions

It has been a long year for some of us. A year filled with 365 days to be exact. Days that were potentially long on our bodies, minds, and souls. Days that may have collected toxins, buildup in our bodies, and stress. As we start another year it is an opportunity to start on the right note. For us that means getting rid of those toxins, flooding our bodies with an immense amount of nutrients, and resetting for the year ahead through a juice cleanse. Cleansing gives our digestive system a rest while redirecting blood and energy to our brain and all of our essential organs for enhanced function.

Common misconceptions about Cleansing

“Cleansing will help me lose weight and keep it off.”

A: Cleansing may kick start habits that can lead to weight loss, but it’s not an end all be all. Cleansing will help tame inflammation in your body. It will help reset your taste buds, improve your digestion, increase your energy, promote healthy glowing skin, deepen your sleep, and give you mental clarity. But it is up to you to continue a healthy eating pattern after the cleanse to help keep any unwanted weight off. For us, going through the juice cleanse brought awareness to all those times we mindlessly picked up a piece of chocolate or indulged in food lying around.

“You can’t work out when you cleanse.”

A: Everyone is different! You could be the most athletic person on planet and not be able to work out on a cleanse. Each day your energy levels will vary and you are the best judge of what you can and cannot do while cleansing. We recommend light yoga or walking outdoors to aid in the cleansing process.

“If I can’t have coffee I won’t have energy.”

A: False. During a cleanse, your body is entering an alkaline state. Coffee is very acidic and can cause the body to feel jittery and overworked. While on a juice cleanse you get the energy you need from all the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables.

“You don’t have to drink water while juice cleansing because you’re drinking so many liquids.”

A: We should always hydrate with water, but especially during a cleanse. Water helps our bodies flush out all those toxins and it will also help stave off hunger in between juices. Water is also what will reduce those nasty detox symptoms we hear about so frequently -- headaches and fatigue. We recommend starting your day off with 32 ounces of water prior to any juice, then continue to drink at least eight glasses the rest of the day. Still not sure if you’re getting enough? Check in by checking out your urine -- it should be clear.

“A juice cleanse will change your life.”

A: It will if you want it to. A juice cleanse will get you going in the right direction. After cleansing, your body is in an elevated state -- you’ll feel lighter and cleaner and perhaps more sensitive to certain foods while you crave others. This is an opportune time to note how your body reacts to what you’re feeding it. Start by slowly adding back solid plant-based foods (think easily digestible smoothies and soups). After a few days, you can try different animal or wheat products and note the impact on your digestion. The information garnered and habits noted during this time truly can change your life. Awareness is key and once you have that awareness, you have the ability to choose how you move forward.

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