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HEART | How to: Keep your Body in Balance this Holiday Season

“Don’t eat the powdered sugar cookie,” I tell myself as I hit the cookie table at my friend’s holiday party.

For some of us, the biggest obstacle during the holiday season isn’t figuring out how to navigate the target parking lot on Christmas Eve. It’s actually figuring out how we are going to avoid all of the sweet indulgences that meet at us at every holiday party, soiree, and cookie swap we come across. The Holidays can be hard -- on our emotions, wallets, and our bodies. Indulging during this time of year is easy to do, mainly because we are accustomed to rich traditions that include heavy amounts of sugar, carbs, and alcohol. It’s is important to remind ourselves that although all of these riches are available they are not always exactly what we need. Finding a way to balance ourselves this time of year is important in maintaining our minds and bodies in a healthy harmony.

Healthy Tips to Keeping Your Body in Balance This Holiday Season

1. Stick to your healthy eating habits. Continue to start each morning with a nutrient rich green juice, smoothie, or healthy breakfast. We like to start each day with The Glowing Green Smoothie by Kimberly Synder or, when we’re craving something warmer, the Amaranth Porridge from My New Roots.

2. Take time for yourself. Head to your favorite yoga or spin class, or walk briskly outside to get some fresh air and sunlight. (Did you know we need both for our brains to function properly?) For yoga, we particularly love Down Dog Yoga in Georgetown (where you can also pick up your favorite juice from yours truly!).

3. Evaluate. Before you reach for the sweets, consider, do you actually want to consume them or in some cases over consume? Is there something you may craving emotionally that you’re trying to substitute with food? If so, Geneen Roth is a great resource for more information. (Try Women, Food + God or When Food is Love.)

4. Stay Hydrated! In the summertime staying hydrated is no problem, it’s hot and you could pass out if you don’t. In the winter during the holidays we easily forget the water intake and the importance of making sure our bodies are getting all of the fluids it actually needs. Staying hydrated will also aid in digestion and keep you mindful of other things you’re putting in your body.

5. Rest. Rest, rest rest. Yes, it’s the jolliest time of the year and we’re running around from place to place but taking the time to rest will help keep your mind at ease and help with the stress one likes a cranky relative.

6. Compassion and understanding. Most importantly, know that if you do indulge, it’s okay. The guilt we carry associated with our food choices can be more harmful to our bodies than just eating the food itself. Remember, we always have the power to make a new choice in the next moment.

Have a holly jolly holiday season!

We hope it’s full of love and health and time with those you hold closest to your heart.

H E A R T + T A B L E

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