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TABLE | Thursday Blues

Have you gotten a chance to meet the latest addition to the Greenheart family, Majik Milk? This blue little guy has quickly become a crowd favorite with its ability to tame inflammation, rejuvenate skin cells and build tissue. It tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, too -- minus the dairy.

Harvested by e3Live in Oregon, Blue Majik is a natural Phycocyanin Extract of Spirulina. Phycocyanin is known clinically to relieve physical discomfort. Not only is it filled with a high level of antioxidants but it is also anti-inflammatory and has been shown to protect against kidney failure. Blue Majik is prized with being nutrient dense, full of vitamins (a great plant-based source of Vitamin B12), enzymes and minerals. Its blue color also comes from Phycocyanin, a storage protein rich in amino acids.

Our Majik Milk is then elevated with the addition of tocos, a rice bran soluble known as the “ultimate skin food.” Tocos is derived from organically grown brown rice. It is made solely from the bran, the most nutrient dense part of rice and is rich in both vitamins D and E. The creamy powder promotes tissue rejuvenation and skin cell building. It tames inflammation, eases joint paint and aids in muscle building. It's a superfood we love because you can consume it alone (by the spoonful) without worrying about the taste -- it has a delicious vanilla flavor that pairs well with the vanilla cashew base.

Overall this milk might be little, but it packs a lot of magic and heart. It may be best for those with arthritis and/or athletes recovering from an injury. We hope you'll drop into the shop and try it soon. Until then!

H E A R T + T A B L E

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