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HEART | Greenlink Friday

And just like that it was Friday again! As we prepare for what’s forecasted to be a beautiful fall weekend, here are some stories from this week we just couldn’t get enough of.

Did you read all about our WCW Adriana from Anima Mundi? (Heart + Table)

We’re currently all about Sweet Potato Toast! (Nutrition Stripped)

The perfect recipe for a creative space. (

Sometimes you just have to breathe. (Mind Body Green)

Our eyes are all currently sporting these awesome shades. (Urban Outfitters)

Let’s talk about stress, baby. (The S Life Mag)

Juicing is good for you, let Science prove it. (The Chalkboard)

What warm drinks are actually healthy? (The New Potato)

Our current lady jam. (Youtube)

H E A R T + T A B L E

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