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HEART | Greenlink Friday

Happy Friday Greenhearts!

As we head into a busy weekend we wanted to leave you all

with a few of our favorite things from this week!

Love you all!

Raw, Vegan and not gross pop-tarts! (YouTube)

What is the Deal with Toxic Dust?! (The Chalkboard)

Our favorite summer dress round these here parts. (Madewell)

We are having a serious girl crush on the newly crowned Miss USA. (Hello Giggles)

Celebrate the boundary where the body meets infinity. (Mystic Mamma)

Want to get more done at the office? Just stand up, we do it all the time. (WSJ)

The product all the Greenheart girls are currently obsessed with! (Sun Potion)

Activate your life, our run down on Activated Charcoal. (Heart + Table)

Our current lady jam. (CMT)


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