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HEART | Primp local at Varnish Lane

We are on our feet a lot. From working in the kitchen to standing all day at the markets, our feet really take a beating. Sometimes these slightly abused feet need a little TLC. And when they do, we head to the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Northwest DC to treat our toes to some of the finest primping available at the somewhat newly-opened Varnish Lane (VL).

From the moment you walk through the VL door, you know you're in a place that pays attention to detail. The clean white walls, marble counter tops, oak wood cabinets and perfectly plush leather arm chairs make way for a luxurious and relaxing experience (they even offer wine and champagne to boot).

Aside from the impecable aesthetic and beautiful atmosphere, perhaps the biggest draw to VL is their commitment to a waterless experience and manicures and pedicures polihed off with locally made, 100 percent chemical free products.

Waterless, is that even a thing? Yes it is, it is a thing. VL offers services sans water to protect clients from harmful bacteria and infections that tend to occur at your typical nail sallon. To top it off, in foregoing the water, they save 10 gallons per service. Talk about reduced environmental impact. We dig it.

And, because we're passionate about pure products, we love finding other companies passionate about them, too. Our heart melted when we learned all nail polishes available at VL are five free, which means they're made without toluene, dibutly phthalate, formaldehyde, camphor and formaldehyde resin -- chemicals found in most brands that can potentially disrupt your endocrine system (think hormone imbalances).

With fabulous decor, highly trained staff, quality products and an impecable atmosphere, you're probably wondering if the shock from the amount you'll have to shell out at the counter afterward will counteract the bliss of the previous hour. Fear not. We were pleasantly surprised that luxe lane services run $44 for a manicure and $60 for a pedicure, while the main lane go for $28 and $44.

To us, the experience at Varnish Line was well worth every penny and it’s a place we’re adding to our list of musts over at Greenheart.


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