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WCW | Becky Waddell, Founder of Be Clean Shop

When we first decided to head down to Be Clean Shop over the summer we had no idea how in love we would fall with this little slice of heaven, but also how smitten we would be by shop owner, Becky Waddell. In the five months since meeting this incredble woman, we have come to find ourselves lucky to consider her a friend.

Becky’s shop, Be Clean, features the purest natural and organic skin care products you can find -- no weird chemicals or random additives. Each item is hand picked and tested by Becky herself, which lends its way to an educational and personalized shopping experience you'd be hardpressed to find elsewhere. The Washingtonian featured Becky and her serene Q Street shop Monday, and we feel lucky to feature her as our WCW today. Yes, we know it’s Thursday and we’re obviously a day late, but here is a little insight into the lady who so graciously welcomed us into her heart and (second) home.

Becky, Be Clean Shop

Becky tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Becky Waddell, shop owner, dog mama, and wife. I've lived in DC for a few years and am still discovering the creative nooks and crannies of this city!

What lead you to establish Be Clean?

I've been an ingredient label reader for many years, and after I finished graduate school for public policy, I found that the passion that called me was skincare... in my eyes, the two worlds aren't that far off. I was working in community engagement around environmental toxins, and much of my passion for natural skincare comes from a concern around what we put in our bodies. I wanted to combine my vision for a clean, vegan skincare haven with the tools to empower people to take control of their personal care routine. When I moved to DC and straddled the worlds of creative entrepreneurship and environmental policy, I was inspired and took the leap!

When you’re not working at Be Clean where can you be found?

I'm something of a homebody, so if I'm not at the studio, I'm probably at home cooking, making some kind of mess, or cuddling my dog, Scooby! I also love to explore the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market in Brookland... it's a constant source of fun and inspiration.

Besides Be Clean are your favorite shops in DC?

My fave shops in DC are Salt & Sundry and Mom's Organic. I'm not kidding, the grocery store is basically my favorite place to be, second to my house and shop!

What is your favorite place to grab a good meal downtown?

I won't lie, I'm not a big downtown gal. My favorite places to grab a good meal in DC are Chaia Tacos (just opened in Georgetown) and Halsa... I'm there so often that I'm pretty sure the team thinks I don't have a kitchen. Try the raw brownie and you'll understand!

Where do you go to wind down?

My shower! It's nothing special, but when I'm stressed or my brain is moving too fast, I take a super hot shower and stretch. It works like a charm.

What is a perfect day for you?

A perfect day... let's see. I wake up without an alarm after sleeping adequately and enjoy a nourishing breakfast with my husband. Next, we work on projects at the shop for a bit, then head outside to enjoy nature with the pup. We'd grab dinner at a local joint, and then head home to curl up to a movie on our projector. Then, we'd go to sleep on time. So, sleep and eat, primarily ;)

What is your beauty regiment and what are your favorite products?

My beauty regiment starts with diet. I try to avoid things that I know will not do me any favors. Plus, I try to stay hydrated. From a product perspective, I love cleansing with oils because they help balance my skin. I find that soap-based cleansers really don't work very well with my face, so I stick with cleansing oils from Josh Rosebrook or Aster & Bay. I always use a hydrating mist to help plump and re-hydrate before I apply a moisturizer, and when I don't, I notice fine lines and wrinkles a bit more. Finally, I use a serum during the day and reapply at night. We have multiple ones in the shop and I rotate between a few, especially the Deep Hydrating Serum by Josh Rosebrook and the Youth Serum from Root Science. Also, I use the Cacao Antioxidant Mask when my skin needs a little toning and tightening... this product has saved me from hours of over analyzing my skin in a magnifying mirror!

What is your hope for Be Clean?

My hope is that Be Clean can be a safe place to explore personal care from a perspective of wellness and support, instead of societal pressure. In doing so, I also aim to support small and innovative makers who approach the process of making these goods with intention and care. Ultimately, my hope is that through Be Clean, you can rethink your skincare routine and use it as a tool for overall personal health and wellness. That might be through lingering over an aromatherapy oil for a moment at your desk, or taking a purposeful deep breath while using your handcrafted mask. Whatever it might be, our self care routines can be about more than just looking pretty, and I hope Be Clean can help facilitate that step beyond aesthetics.

Head over to Becky's online shop and get 10% off with the code "THANK YOU". We know you'll love everything as much as we do, but here are a few of our go-to brands to get you started:

Essential Apothecary Alchemist

Smoke Perfume

Josh Rosebrook


Images (Via Washingtonian and Becky)

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