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HEART + TABLE | l a u n c h i n g

“There are people in the world who are here to save you when you need saving, cover your tush when it needs covering, and are always there when you need to someone to lean on. We are the mighty Pineapple Priestesses. Let no one put us under.”

For the last couple of weeks we’d been thinking of how we would start Heart + Table, what would we write about, who we would write about, when we would have a moment to write. Then this week we had the opportunity to attend and participate in Pineapple Presents Nouriture No. 1 by Thirlby + Alex Elle. The night was absolutely breathtaking. We couldn’t think of a better way to start this blog then by sharing this night.

We were invited by the gals behind the event to bring our juice and our milk and ourselves. The event was hosted in the gorgeous Georgetown yoga studio, Yoga Del Sol. Right off of Wisconsin Ave. the space is large, filled with light, exposed brick, warmth and presence.

The night started with a meet and greet between the women in attendance. All 40 of us came from different walks of life -- some from a corporate background, others in fashion + photography, some still pursuing education and, of course, many women in food. We sipped on fresh juice and tasted Thirlby’s raw, vegan, refined-sugar-free cake as we learned more about each other; every person a beaming, bright light of hope, intelligence and passion -- everything young women should be.

After the initial meet and eat we all sat in a large circle in the studio. Almila from Thrilby then lead us all in a kundalini mediation to ground us, center us and open our hearts for the writing exercise led by Alex Elle. Alex described her life walk as one of helping others care for themselves. As an author of the recently released aNote2Self journals, she is an advocate of journaling as a way to facilitate healing. For the writing exercise, each of us took a small sticky note and a big sticky note. On the small, we were encouraged to select one word that represented something we wanted to release. After ripping the small note to shreds and tossing it in a basket, we wrote a note to ourselves on the big note about what we wanted to welcome in.

"Dear Self,

[insert a note to self]

Love, Self"

The evening was exactly what us Greenheart ladies needed. As we worked our way around the circle and listened to one woman after another share what she released, and then replaced, we felt inspired, heard, understood, loved and most importantly, connected.

We've spent the days since processing, moving slower, feeling soft in all the good ways. Hearing so many women speak to what they wish to change about their lives in a real and honest way tends to put things into perspective. So, we've both been more introspective than usual, asking ourselves, "what do we want to leave behind?" and "what do we want to carry forward?"


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