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we launched greenheart just a few short months ago at the start of summer. after spending time in our kitchen one day and witnessing the chaos that ensues in a shared commercial space, my dad handed me a box with a frog statue inside that said, “create balance.” i set it on one of the stainless steel racks as a reminder of what to strive for. within hours of placing the frog on the shelf, in a frenzied reach for something, i knocked it to the ground. the rock that the meditating frog sat on top of shattered. symbolic, i thought.

at the time, i felt like i had way too much on my plate. i was used to things being organized, perfect, well thought out, planned and manageable -- none of which is standard when you’re starting a business. as much as i tried, i couldn’t get grounded or centered. i felt a constant pull in a million directions and the foundation i was used to standing on seemed to crumble beneath me. my attempt at finding balance then meant figuring out a way to hold it together and manage the chaos.

from a business perspective, not much has changed since the beginning months of summer. our days in the kitchen are still long and without breaks, we mess shit up, things we’re supposed to get inevitably don’t come and we have more to be mindful of than ever — events, emails, meetings, phone calls. but over the last few months, i’ve seen that balance isn’t about management or making time or keeping life neat and compartmentalized. it's found in moments when we’re willing to let go, when we become receptive instead of reactive and allow pieces of our foundation to crack, trusting the empty space will be filled with something more substantial.

Matcha Coconut Milk

2 cups unsweetened coconut chips

4 cups water

2 tsp Panatea matcha green tea powder

2 tbsp raw, unfiltered honey

1/4 tsp himalaya pink salt


-add coconut flakes and water to blender. blend on high

-pour contents through nut milk bag and squeeze until liquid is extracted

-pour liquid back into blender. add matcha, honey and salt. blend until combined.

-enjoy cold or warm

#matcha #coconut #vegan #balance #heart

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