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HEART | Greenheart Attends Kinfolk’s Creative Collaboration Dinner on Dock 5

“Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream.”

- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Have you ever felt like you were inside of a dream? That everything that laid before your eyes was a fairyland and you were a guest of this dreamland? This was the feeling we had Wednesday night when we attended the Kinfolk DC Creative Collaboration at Dock 5 at Union Market. The evening hosted by the gracious Rebecca Gallop from A Daily Something was shear perfection, filled with whimsy and delight. The space was gorgeously decorated with a beautiful common table, fairy lights, spooled tables, and open air to fill the room.

The night started with meeting some pretty fantastic ladies, we won’t name drop but we were on cloud nine meeting all of these wonder accomplished people. The Kir drink was complimented by oyster and deviled egg starters made by Number 1 Sons. After the meet and greet we all set at our assigned seats where we were treated to a beautiful spread also prepared by Number 1 Sons. Dinner included pork straight off the pig, a delicious pasta, beets, and a seasonal salad. I wish my stomach had been bigger because this meal was utter perfection.

During dinner we were surrounded by these gorgeous, intellectual, and creative beings that are moving and shaping our Mid-Atlantic homes with their ideas and work. We also gulped down delicious drinks and chowed down on some beyond yummy desserts.

After dinner we had the chance to connect more with the people we had yet not met and we’re treated to dreamy music from Andy Zipf, all while hanging out in the gorgeous space decorated by Rebecca and the ladies from Sweet Root Village.

Upon our departure we were treated to the sweetest gift tote with a map of Washington, DC by Maptote that brought a cute leather card holder made by Matine and a lovely print designed by the ridiculously talented Marcella Kribel (currently looking for a frame to do it justice.) Oh the night was just so perfect, I fear we may be basking in all it’s beauty for quite sometime to come.


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