Here at Greenheart, we're committed to fostering health, healing and growth in our communities. We're passionate about helping people live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives and, for us, clean food is an important part of the equation. Using the best ingredients nature has to offer, we craft unpasteurized, cold-pressed juice and fresh, handmade nut milks. At our flagship location in Great Falls, Virginia, you can also find superfood smoothies and plant-based foods.


We create each item to give you the mental clarity, energy and strength you need to savor life, not suffer through it.


Our products are some of the most nutrient dense you can find. Each bottle of juice is packed with anywhere from two to five pounds of organic fruits and vegetables and we craft each ounce of juice using a Norwalk and a Good Nature X-1, two of the best cold-press juicers on the market. The process is a slow and tedious labor of love, but the result is a quality, taste and freshness unlike any other.



Our committment to health, healing and growth extends beyond just the individuals in our community. We have a deep appreciation and respect for our environment and we put a lot of thought into where we purchase our ingredients and packaging. We work with farms that grow produce responsibly, without pesticides or chemicals, and each piece of our packaging -- from our granola bags to our sample cups -- is comprised of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. We also compost the leftover pulp from our juice.

Photo provided by Yetta Reid.


Too often our quest for health is driven by a desire for specific external benefits -- to achieve a certain weight or project a certain image. (We know because we've been there.) At Greenheart, we're not here to encourage a certain body type or suggest an ideal weight. In fact, we're here to encourage your belief and understanding that you're perfectly whole exactly as you are.


While food is an important component in health, healing and growth, we realize it's not the only one. You'll never hear us say, "You are what you eat," because we know you're much more. We understand things like healthy personal relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, spiritual awareness and self-inquiry are also essential forms of nourishment. We believe when these aspects of our lives are in balance, what we eat becomes secondary. That's why our focus extends beyond food. Whether it's through our "Daily Dose" of inspiration, posing some of life's biggest questions on the back of our hangtags, personal book recommendations, or an honest conversation, we're here to support and guide you in all facets of your journey and we're honored to walk the path with you.